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Information about restaurant "Albergo del Sole" dates back to 1464, when noble Francesco Sforza donated the fief of Maleo to one of his chamberlains, including the tavern, which was referred to as "granda" so as to be distinguished from the other smaller and humbler taverns in the village.

Throughout several trials, the fief was then bought by the Trecchi family, who already owned a castle and a country house in the village. The tavern went on through various tenants until March 29th 1893, when the current owners’great-great-grandfather began to run restaurant "Albergo del Sole".

In the ancient village of Maleo wayfarers had the occasion to refresh, have a rest and replace jaded horses. The tavern could also sell bread, "beccaria" (meat) and wine. The tavern was self-supporting thanks to its furnace, slaughter, stable and ice house.

Starting from the early 60s, Franco Colombani and his wife Silvana ran the Restaurant, leading it to the top of national and international cookery. The twosome were awarded several honours for their effort and passion in the attempt to recover traditional recipes, and even founded an association called "Linea Italia in Cucina" with the purpose of valorizing local products and cookery, by updating and lightening ancient recipes found in ancient cooking handbooks, with the steady purpose of great cooking. The restaurant is currently run by their sons Francesca and Mario Colombani who carry on following their parents’tradition.

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